Review by edgworth on 6/19/18. Posted via TripAdvisor. Rated 2 out of 5.

We had booked a 2 night stay in a studio suite and requested a quiet room. We were told that the studio suites were not single storey and we were on the ground floor but there was no one above us and that would be the last room to be filled. We reluctantly accepted. It was facing a playing field with a road in front of us. There were no patio chairs and they had to be brought from somewhere. On using the frying pan the handle was very loose and a dangerous item to hold with hot fat in. Receptionist replaced it.

 On trying to use the oven there was nothing to cook the food on or in. No trays or roasting type tins. 

 Another trip to reception and was given a dish to cook some food in.

 At thatWe asked reception could we check out a day early and she said we could with no penalty

 At 5.30 we heard very heavy footsteps above us so we now had neighbours. We tried to close the Venetian blind over the window and it wouldn’t budge and actually fell off the wall. Went up to reception again and she said it had happened before and would bring a bedsheet to our room to cover the window. That would have kept the light out from the spotlight covering the steps to upstairs. In the meantime my husband had managed to repair it. At 10.30 our neighbours returned and again were heavy footed but never stopped walking around the room. We tried ringing reception but no answer.

 At 12.30 following a lot of noise we had to stand on the bed and banged the ceiling.

 On checking out we told reception about the noise and she said there was an emergency number pinned to the back of the door but there wasn’t. she had a word with the manageress who said they had let us cancel the 2nd night without penalty so that was it , unfortunately we had made the mistake of paying cash the night before.