Review by Barbara on 8/13/18. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 7 out of 10.


Toilet wouldn't flush (although Bob was quick to come fix it TWICE); A/C on and off all night, which woke us up - would be better to have a unit that keeps the fan going even when the compressor goes off to maintain temperature; water temperature adjustment in shower didn't work; lots of bugs on the floor - we understand the ones that fly in when the door opens, but extermination should take care of the crawlers; one night stand drawer and one dresser drawer were broken; the small landing with quick steps down to the ice machine caught me off guard - seems dangerous, but maybe I missed the sign warning not to go into the door so quickly; food was good for me, but there were no pastries or coffee cake the first morning - I was told they had a run on pastries the day before, but I didn't understand why they didn't stock up again for the next day.

The morning staff, Bob and Abby, were wonderful!