Review by Lisa C on 8/27/18. Posted via TripAdvisor. Rated 4 out of 5.

After spending a wonderful day exploring downtown Portsmouth, we drove a short distance over the drawbridge onto Badger's Island and checked in at this adorable motel that reminds me of the sweet motels from earlier days, since it's only one floor and nestled among the pines.

We arrived at this motel at approximately 3PM. We noticed how nice this hotel looks from the outside with a fenced-in pool, nicely-maintained buildings, and a separate office for checkin (they also serve breakfast here in the morning, which is included).

Unfortunately, we were greeted by a very disgruntled desk clerk who made it clear when we greeted her that "we were there on HER TIME" (those were her exact words!), and to hold our questions until she was finished checking us in. So she completed our checkin process after she finished arguing with one of the staff members, then headed to our room (couldn't get away from her fast enough!), which was absolutely adorable and quaint. We stayed in a regular room with a queen bed (very comfortable), bathroom with shower, microwave, small frig, and table w/chairs that seated two (there're plenty of takeout restaurants nearby, so it's convenient to have a place to eat in the room).

We were amazed at how quiet this motel was, even though it was next to a two-lane "bypass" road and we stayed in room 29, which was second-closest to the road (didn't hear a peep all night!). The A/C worked great, and my husband enjoyed sitting by the pool reading. There was also a gazebo where the smokers were allowed to smoke, so we didn't go near there since we're not smokers.

Next morning the breakfast was delicious with waffles, toast, coffee cake, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, granola, two types of juice, and delicious coffee. We ate outside on the front porch, which was very pleasant.

This hotel is very convenient to both downtown Portsmouth (hotel prices