Review by James on 3/27/19. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 10 out of 10.


I already spoke with the manager about the dead-bolt on our room, which would not lock fully, because the striker plate seemed slightly off and she said it would get taken care of that day. I appreciate that they respond quickly to an issue. We still felt safe and comfortable in our room.

One other item, that would help the hotel in the future… there seems to be a drainage issue next to the office door and down the garden slope. An excess of water running down the gutter pipe washed mulch and soil down towards the lower section of rooms. I would suggest re-routing the gutter pipe underground, possibly along the edge of the garden and then out to the back of the property, or over to the other side of the building, so it doesn’t potentially flood the rooms.

All-in-all, we will most definitely be staying here again. Between the location, the friendly and responsive staff and the cleanliness and quiet of the rooms, it’s ideal.


I already mentioned some things that might make the overall hotel better, related to the grounds, but I really enjoy this hotel and the people that work here.