Review by Gail on 4/9/19. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 3 out of 10.


The motel was quaint and clean. The bathroom was really small and had no storage. I think the shower was the smallest I have ever seen in a motel/hotel room. I am very small and had a hard time washing my hair and body in the shower it was so narrow. There was no place to put anything in the bathroom, no shelves or drawers. If you do stay here, don’t ever let them put you in Room #17. It is right at the bottom of the stairs (like 3 feet from the stairs) and the pantry, where they get all the supplies for their breakfast is right next to this room and they start entering and exiting the room by 6:30am slamming the door as they go in and out. And I’m sure most people don’t bring two cars when they go on vacation, but in my circumstance this time, my daughter and I met in Kittery for a night away from college for her and we both had our cars as she came from the North, I came from the South. Well they have no extra parking for guests with two cars. I had to park my car in front of the hotel, where no one could see it as there was a large hill in the front, and it was basically parallel to the street. Just not an ideal situation for people with more than one vehicle. I have learned my lesson and would not stay here again and I would not recommend this hotel.