Review by Timothy on 7/19/19. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 3 out of 10.


While I understand that this is a small property I don’t think that is an excuse to have such subpar cleanliness in your guest rooms. Upon walking into our room my wife and I immediately found a considerable amount of hair inside our shower. The carpets did not look like the had been vacuumed at all. The floor in the kitchenette area was not clean. The chair in the living room area had several disturbing looking stains on it. I made the mistake of moving one of the couch cushions and ended up finding a sea of crumbs, dirt and debris inside the couch. And then to top it off we found a bug inside the bed. Had we not booked through Expedia and had already paid for the night we would have left. While the property seemed visually pleasing, there’s nothing that ruins a hotel stay more than feeling like your space is not clean.


I can guarantee we will not be staying with you again. I would highly suggest speaking to your housekeeping staff about doing a much more thorough cleaning and quality check of every room so that others don’t have the same experience my wife and I did.