Review by James on 6/19/18. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 0 out of 10.


We requested a quiet studio room away from the road. Looking on your web site all the rooms are single floored almost like chalets. On arrival we were informed that we had a ground floor and there was no one booked in above us and would only be filled if otherwise full so we accepted. We were facing a road at the back. There was no patio furniture there and that had to be carried from somewhere else. On using the frying pan the handle was very loose and dangerous with hot fat in it. That was replaced by the receptionist.There was nothing in the oven in which to cook a meal had to ask at reception who gave me a Pyrex dish also no oven pads to carry the hot food out of the oven.l

 Later in the afternoon someone was booked in above us and they were very heavy footed. We had had enough by that time so asked could we cancel and was told we could without penalty.

 Later that night we tried to close the Venetian blind and it wouldn’t budge at all. Went up to the reception yet again and was told it had happened before and she would bring a sheet down to cover it. In the meantime my husband had managed to repair it after it had fallen down with pulling it. The people returned above us and were constantly walking across the floor every 5 minutes. At midnightsex started and we could hear everything. We tried ringing reception but nobody answered in the end we stood on the bed and banged the ceiling.

 They woke us up showering at 6.00 with showers and walking and banging things again. Told receptionist and she said there was a number for emergencies behind the door there was not. She was going to have a word with manager when she came back from taking her child to school. On checking ou we were told we had been given enough by not being charged for cancellation. I didn’t, argue but just said I would be putting on tripadvisor. Now that we are home that is what is going to happen.

 A very stressful stOTHER SUGGESTIONS: 

Spend money on the place and advise people who are booking studios that they are all triple storied .