Review by Austin on 11/25/18. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 1 out of 10.


Not pleased that I was not notified that I would not receive my work rate due to the fact someone was staying with me. I was told this would not be a problem so then had to find a new place on short notice. All seemed well when I checked out and made your my reservations were set up to check back in after a 4 day break. I feel I should have been told at that time rather than the day I was scheduled to arrive. I was also told I was sent an email about this but have been unable to locate one. An old fashion phone call would have been wonderful. I am not really sure why it mattered since all week no one came into our room to clean or add towels. We used no more with 2 people thank we would with one and lless cleaning on your help and no change of sheets all week?