Review by Beth on 4/18/19. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 2 out of 10.


At check-in the woman was a bit negative and defensive. It could have been her personality, but I didn’t feel that welcome. I overheard a different lady at breakfast also talking in that way to a hotel guest. The guest was very polite asking for her room to be serviced while she is out. The reception lady just said well, we are booked solid for tonight (or something like this) and so we will get to it when we can. Instead, she should have asked her what time she thought she would return and give her some positive assurance. She could have also called housekeeping and asked them to do this room for her. The young lady looked like a young mom and she could have wanted to come back to a clean room for a child to nap. It was just a negative response. I think if you want to work in hospitality, one must be like people and be truly hospitable.

The breakfast was good. There is just no space - really. You can even access food when people are sitting at those tables next to the counter. We then waited for it to clear out even though it was on the late side. It almost would be better to have a standing buffet in that small room.