Review by Andrew on 7/20/19. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 1 out of 10.


Your website needs to be updated to show a queen suite could be a basement as with king suites that are in the basement. We were alarmed that you would rent a suite that had your front office staff member so apologetic as to the quality of a room before we even saw it. Once in Room #7, we were greeted by a room that did not have screens on some windows, was a bit musty with our allergies, and had nonfunctional electrical outlets with the answer of “our maintenance person is not on-site” when all the rooms were occupied. We were told that it would be several days’ wait for a new room and settled in for the night. The next morning we were surprised by the notice of having a new room available and started packing to move, we were further surprised by a housekeeping staff member yelling at us that we were not moving fast enough 20 minutes after we had the key and final notice that we were switching to our new room! We also exited our suite to find a pile of pine needles blown down the stairs leading out of our suite. All told your first impression was lacking… Being upgraded to Room #1 and what I assume was a normal queen room without an oven, a tiny shower, and a mattress that needs to be replaced was some “upgrade”…we were prepared for quaint, but not the level of discourtesy and lack of communication between staff members that we experienced.


See last text.